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Travel on the tracks that track the life and times of Lord Buddha.
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Our Luxury Train in India

An odyssey to discover the natural and man made wonders of the Deccan region.
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Gorakhpur Gorakhpur is located in the north-eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a small city which is mostly known for its proximity to Kushinagar. It is located on the banks of rivers Rapti and Rohini and the place got its name from the name of famous Saint Gorakhnath who blessed the people of the region with his teachings. Today, the city is known for its handloom products.

Gorakhpur Destinations
» Gorakhnath Temple - This temple is dedicated in the memory of Saint Gorakhnath, after whose name the city has got its name. There are many temples in the vast temple complex. The seat from where he used to preach has been turned into the shrine. The architecture of the temple has to be seen to be believed.

» Gita Press - Gita press is known everywhere for its publications, though its building is as good as its publications are. The press publishes religious books of the Hindu religion. The building is designed to make it look like a temple.

» Arogya Mandir - It is known as a naturopathy centre which was established in 1940. See the place for its attractive building as well as for its lush green surroundings.

» Kushinagar - Kushinagar is a small hamlet situated about 53 km away from Gorakhpur. The site is revered by the Buddhists for this is the place where Lord Buddha attained Maha Parinirvan, by which, it is believed that he attained freedom from the cycles of death and rebirth.

Earlier the place was known as Kushinara and was a small town in the Kingdom of Malllas. The place was almost forgotten till it was rediscovered by the archaeologists in the later part of the nineteenth century. Today Kushinagar is fast becoming a centre for International Buddhism as the place has become a home to many viharas including Tibetan and a Burmese viharas as well as temples from China and Japan.
Kushinagar Destinations
» Nirvana Stupa - This is a huge brickwork stupa which was discovered by Carlyl in 1876 and is about 2.74 meter high. A copper vessel was also discovered at this site. There was an inscription on it in Brahmi script which stated that Lord Buddha's remains were deposited here.

» Nirvana Temple - This temple is renowned for having the statue of reclining Buddha which is about 6 meters long. It was discovered in the excavations of 1876. The statue has been prepared from Chunar sandstone, and it actually depicts dying Buddha reclining on his right side.

» Rambhar Stupa - Rambhar Stupa lies about 1.5 km south east from Nirvana Temple and is surrounded by rice, wheat and cane fields.


Lumbini is renowned the world over for being the birth place of Gautam Buddha where Lord Buddha was born in 623 BC. The place is located in Terai plains and is at about 250 km south west of Kathmandu which is near Nepal India border in the north of Gorakhpur. It is a sacred place where Lord Buddha was born as a Shakya Prince and it is marked by a pillar which was erected by emperor Ashoka of India.

This holy site today is being developed with international support and the aim is to position this place as the supreme pilgrimage for the Buddhists from all over the world as well as a symbol of peace. Since the shrines are being built by many countries, therefore the architectural traditions of these countries are giving this place an international feel thus giving us a message of universal friendship.

There is a village called Tilaurakot which is about 30 km away from Lumbini. This village is believed to be the place where the Kapilvastu Royal Palace was situated when Prince Siddharth was born, though at the age of 29 he renounced all this in search of enlightenment.

Lumbini Destinations
Ashoka Pillar» Sacred Garden - This is one of the significant places of Lumbini and it is sprawled over an area of 8 sq km. The garden has many of the treasures of the historic times of Buddha. The International Monastery Zone is also located near the Sacred Garden. So far the construction works that have been finished are Myanmar Temple, International Gautami Nuns temple, China Temple, The Nepal Buddha Temple etc.

» Ashoka Pillar - This pillar has an inscription on it that states that the holy site is the birth place of Lord Buddha. The pillar is located near the sacred garden.

» Mayadevi Temple - It is situated on a side of the Ashoka pillar. A recent excavation has uncovered a stone having a foot print upon it which, some say, indicates the exact place of birth of Buddha.

» Pushkarni Pond - It is believed that Queen Mayadevi took bath here before giving birth to Prince Siddhartha.

» The Lumbini Museum - It is located in the cultural zone and has among its collection, Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terracotta fragments and stone and metal sculptures. The museum also has an extensive collection of stamps from various countries.

» Kapilvastu Museum It is located at the distance of about 27 km from Lumbini in the village of Tilaurakot. Here you'll find coins, pottery as well as toys that date between seventh century BC and fourth century AD. In its collection, you'll also come across jewelery and ornaments of the period.


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